How to choose power supply for LED Screen?

Source: sanmpower date: 2014-04-16

Power supply is the heart of a LED display system, to find a reliable power supply for LED display screen is very important, especially most of the LED displayers were installed in high buildings, it will take huge money to fix the LED screen if power supply has issues.

Let’s try to understand why power supply is so easy to get problems.

At first compared with others components in a LED display system, power supply outputs large current, in most of the outdoor LED display systems 1 square meter needs 200Amps, Q=I²Rt, large current means huge heat. So the solution to deal with the heat for a LED display power supply is very important. A better power supply means the output power drops lower when in high temperature.

The second is conformal coating for PCB board, because LED display suffered heat wet and dust environment, years and years, if there is no protection for PCB board, lots of problems will happen. We have lots of experience when our customer chose the power supply without protection for PCBA caused huge problems, and most of the problems occur after 1.5 to 2 years.

The third is the quality control process for power supply factory, because there is a lot of customize demand, equipment investment is huge but returning is bad, so the major manufacture process for power supply is still workmanship. It means it will be very easy to get quality issues if poor quality management.