About Us

  Sanmpower is headquartered in Shenzhen China, we are a leading provider of all kinds of power products, our mission is to provide the best reliability and cost-effective switching power supplies to our customers. We hope to establish a long-term partnership with our customers by providing professional and excellent service.

  The switching power supply is relative labor-intensive industry, so most of the manufacturers are in China. Our team members all come from some the outstanding brand switching power supply companies, we know very well about the power supplies and manufacturer process, we recommend the most suitable power supplies to our customers, one of our advantages is that we combined the requirements with our Chinese domestic customers, we could provide better lead time for delivery and better price and better customer service.

  As we have a very deep cooperation with power manufacturers, we could also provide OEM/ODM service of power products, also with factory visiting and audit. Please contact our customer service to consult project availability, dates and budget.